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Premier Corrosion Protection Services Inc. (PCPS)

For over 20 years Premier Corrosion Protection Services Inc. (PCPS) has been an award winning corrosion protection company. PCPS is the leaders in corrosion control; and specialize in deterioration prevention for all corrosive protection applications for industrial and commercial workplace. We strive for quality and high standards to complete jobs with the up-most safety and excellence. Having offices in Canada and the United States of America PCPS has been stopping corrosion in industrial fields across North America and the world.

Talk with our fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) Inspectors, Concrete and restoration experts,   and Coatings Specialists about the success from our Corrosion Management Program (CMP) …

Speak with one of our corrosion specialists today about any corrosion protection and prevention needs in your work place.

On Site Services
  • FRP installation, Repair and Manufacturing

  • Epoxy and Custom Coatings

  • Concrete Restoration, Repair, and waterproofing

  • Spray Rubber

  • Sandblasting and Dry Ice Blasting

Storage Tank Repair

PCPS prides itself on Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) installation for above and below ground storage tanks, rail car and freight storage tank linings.

We also restore and repair pipeline systems. 


PCPS manufacturing department specializes in building, repairing and installing FRP and composite tanks, flanges, pipelines, ducting and anything built FRP, composite and Carbon Fiber.

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