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Rail Car Services

With over 20 years’ experience in corrosion protection for installing coatings and Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) internal linings; Premier Corrosion Protection Services (PCPS) is the leader in offering superior solutions for protecting storage tank interiors.  With offices in Canada and United States PCPS is the only company with AAR certification in North America to provide FRP Linings in Rail Cars. Our Tank Car Facility Certification allows us to perform numerous successful linings and repair services in the field throughout North America. Strategically Located in Welland Ontario, PCPS Rail Car Lining facility has been growing to adapt with the large demand of FRP linings to rail cars.

Why FRP Linings for Rail Car?

PCPS is proud of our role in helping environmental issues through our work in lining bulk railcars for chemical transport. Our systems enable the safe and economical mass transport of highly corrosive chemicals as an alternative to ineffective painted on coatings and rubber linings.

Premier Corrosion Protection Services is accredited by the Association of American Railroads for completing the M-1003 Quality Assurance Certification (AAR M-1003) PCPS strives in quality control and quality management to further the safe installation of coating and lining applications. We have undergone tremendous expansion in 2014 to better our Quality Management System (QMS) and have followed the standards set in place by the AAR.

PCPS is AAR M-1003 certified to M-1002 requirements. Our certifications include the following Activity Codes:

C6: Removal and Replacement of Tank Car Service Equipment (Including Gaskets)

C8: Installation of Interior Linings and Coatings in Tank Cars

C9: Qualification of Interior Linings and Coatings Tank Cars

C10: Repair of the Interior Linings and Coatings in Tank Cars

C11: Inspection of Linings and Coatings in Tank Cars

 “AAR is the Association of American Railroads; founded in 1934, AAR is the world’s leading railroad policy, research, standard setting, and technology organization that focuses on the safety and productivity of the US freight rail industry. “

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