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Concrete Restoration Services

From simple resurfacing to complete removal, re-forming and pouring of new structures PCPS is able to repair and restore most damaged surfaces regardless of service conditions.

Premier Corrosion Protection Services Inc. uses a patented low pressure polyurethane injection system as a water stop for water or chemical infiltration into or out of tanks, vats, foundations, pipes or berms. We also have an epoxy injection system used to restore concrete integrity. This system is used to structurally bond cracks or de-laminated tiles and brick. The capillary action of the epoxy is such that it will seal microscopic cracks to the point that the sealed area will be much stronger than the actual concrete.

From the preparation of a new floor to removal and replacement of existing damaged tile or brick PCPS is your full service tile and brick installation company. Be it floors or tile chests, our professional inspection service division will analyze your particular needs and formulate an engineered solution.

A wide variety of coatings (epoxy, flakeglass, vinyester, etc.) engineered to your particular needs. From abrasion to acid resistency PCPS will select and install monolythic linings and coatings to meet your most stringent needs.

Example of concrete crack injection

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