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Projects & Services

Rio Tinto- Sorel-Tracey- Quebec 

Area - FRP Scrubber Acid Plant 13'D x 58' H

Service- Re-line internal corrosion barrier + Structural Reinforcement 

Problem- Internal/External Structural Corrosion


  • Removed FRP floor + beams that hold scrubber balls. Replaced with 6 custom vacuum sealed beams (Higher Flexural-strength to withstand vibration and loading, smallest beam weighed 900lbs)

  • Installed new Dimistor Port to allow removal of scrubber trays

  • Installed New 30" FRP Man-way 

  • Installed additional external FRP Ribs

  • Sand Blast and Hand grind internal of Scrubber to NACE/SSPC Standards 

  • Hand Laminated FRP corrosion barrier liner @ 1/4"

  • FRP repairs to separator beams

  • Repairs to FRP 70" Expansion duct - (Geo-mat + Liquid rubber Plus Laminate)

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Rio Tinto tank
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Xstrata- Timmins Ontario-

Area - #5+#6 FRP Precipitaters 10'x20'

Service- FRP Re-line Corrosion Barrier

Problem- Lost FRP corrosion barrier- Above ground FRP Precipitaters were internally corroded 


  • FRP Re-lining

  • Sand Blast and Grind clean to NACE/SSPC Standards

  • Laminated new corrosion barrier internally 

Glencore- Ungava Bay - Northern Labrador 

Area - Concentrater 10' Long 8' Wide x 40' Height

Service- Installing FRP Panels

Problem- Abrasion Stroke temperature chemistry. Internal corrosion and erosion of surface 


  • Sand blast and clean rectangular steel tank

  • Install 1/4" FRP panels, partially floating, all joints sealed and anchored to steel  

Vale - Copper Cliff - Sudbury ON

Area - S02 Gas Ducting

Service- Installed FRP Flanges 

Problem- Corrosion at Expansion Joint


  • Removed existing expansion joints

  • Installed 2-72" FRP flanges to ducting

  • Installed new metal expansion joints

Xstrata- Timmins Ontario-

Area - Electrolytic Cell Room

Service- Concrete Restoration and flooring

Problem- Corrosion/De-lamination of floor


  • Blast Clean to NACE/SSPC Standards

  • Replaced flooring (15'x100') with 1" Novaloc trowel material to withstand severe abrasion + chemistry

Glencore Falcon Bridge - Sudbury Ontario

Area - SO2 Gas Header

Service- Manufactured and installed a new FRP header, 30" x 25"

Problem- Existing Header was corroded and lost to much of its structural integrity


  • Manufactured new FRP header

  • Rigged and dismantled existing header

  • Replaced 30" FRP header

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