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Domtar - Espanola - Ontario


Area - Bleach Plant

Service- Re-Line FRP Softwood/Hardwood Bleach Towers 100' Height x 9' Diameter x 2 Towers

Problem- Both towers were corroded internally (Lost corrosion barrier, and attacking the structural membrane) (Chlorine-Dioxide) 


  • Sand Blast + Grind Internal Towers

  • Install new corrosion barrier liner FRP

Domtar - Espanola - Ontario


Area - Chlorine Dioxide Generation Plant 

Service- Concrete Restoration

Problem- Bottom floor, Trenches and pump bases were heavily corroded and deteriorated 


  • Replaced Trenches with vinyl ester drop in concrete encased trench

  • Bases rebuilt with polymer concrete

  • Floors Blasted + cleaned

  • Floor repaired and trowel applied 1/4" urethane mortar

Tembec - Temistaming Quebec -


Area - Latex Steel Storage Tanks 20' Diameter x 20' Height - 3 Tanks

Service- FRP Re-line

Problem- Storage Tank internally corroded and effecting latex quality 


  • Blast and clean to NACE/SSPC Standards

  • Erected and Dismantled Scaffold

  • Installed new Fiberglass Reinforced-Plastic Liner 

MacMillan Bloedel- Sturgeon Falls Ontario - 


Area - Steel Waste Water Storage Tank 25' Diameter x 30' Height

Service- Fiberglass Reinforced- Plastic corrosion barrier re-line

Problem- Storage Tank internally corroded and leaking


  • Blast and clean to NACE/SSPC Standards

  • Installed new Fiberglass Reinforced-Plastic Liner 

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