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Chemical Production 

Projects & Services

DuPont- Maitland Ontario

Area- Nitric Acid Containment Tank Birm 

Service- Repaired a concrete containment area for holding Nitric Acid

Problem- Concrete containment area had cracks and spalling of concrete


  • Concrete Restoration of floors and walls of containment area

  • Repaired Expansion Joints

  • Trowel applied Silicate Concrete 3" to entire floor to withstand corrosion of Nitric Acid 

Invista- Maitland Ontario

Area- Adipic Acid Rail Unloading Ramo 100'x20' x 2 

Service- Concrete Restoration 

Problem- Ramp Was Corroded and unable to function

Solution - 

  • Replaced Neoprene Expansion Joints

  • Sand Blast and cleaned surface to NACE/SSPC Standards

  • Repair unloading surfaces

  • Resurfaced with trowel 1/4" Novalac Material (2x100'x20')

Invista- Maitland Ontario

Area- Diamine Production 

Service- Fire Proof Lining for 2 Storage Tank Legs

Problem- Tank Legs Required Fireproofing

Solution - 

  • Applied wire mesh

  • Trowel apply 2" fire Resistant concrete around leg surfaces 

Kemira- Maitland Ontario

Area- Hydrogen Peroxide Production Building

Service- Concrete Restoration 

Problem- Spalling and cracking externally of concrete holding tank

Solution - 

  • Caustic/Sulphate acid containment

  • Concrete restoration

  • Blasted/Cleaned to NACE/SSPC Standards then topped with 30mil Navaloc Coating

Chemtura- Guelph Ontario

Area- Waste Water Storage Tank 20' Diameter x 30' Height

Service- Liquid Rubber Applied Coating

Problem- Interior of tank was corroded and leaking

Solution - 

  • Sand Blast/Clean to NACE/SSPC Standards 

  • Appled Liquid Rubber Coating @ 80 Mil

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