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Projects & Services 

General Motors - St.Catherines Ontario - 


Area - New Paint Plant

Service- New Storage Tank, Fabrication and Install


  • Supplied and Installed two 25' Diameter x 30' Height

General Motors - St. Catherines Ontario - 


Area - Internal Waste/ Drainage Trenches


  • Concrete Restoration

  • Sandblast

  • Clean

  • Spray on Epoxy coating

Problem- Trenches corroded + Eroded 


  • Repair Concrete

  • Restore Trenches

  • Spray on Epoxy Liner @30mil

F+P Manufacturing Inc.- Tottenham Ontario - 


Area - Steel Parts Line

Service- Coatings

Problem- Negative Charge dip tank corroded


  • Prepared tank and blasted to NACE/SSPC Standards

  • Reline negative charged dip tank with spray on epoxy coating

General Motors - St. Catherines Ontario - 


Area - Outdoor Storage Tanks 25' Diameter x 25' Height


  • Sandblast and spray coating on exterior of storage tanks

Problem- Storage Tank coating was flaking off and corrosion began on exterior of tank


  • Blast + Clean to NACE/SSPC Standards 

  • Applied Spray on UV protected urethane coatings @ 16mil


Axalton - Ajax Ontario - Auto Paint Plant


Area - Concrete Containment Tank berm

Service- Concrete Restoration, Hydrophobic Urethane Crack Injection

Problem- Concrete Containment berm had cracking and spalling. Expansion joints were damaged 


  • Concrete crack injection with hydrophobic urethane

  • Concrete restoration and finishing with Polymer Concrete

  • Applied coating to expansion joints

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