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Structural Reinforcement


Emergency Pipe-Wrap

When corrosion starts and deterioration beings, structural systems, pipelines and storage tanks begin to establish holes and eventually leak. At PCPS we have Corrosion Specialists that assess the problematic area and pair the correct resins and fabric to repair the substrate. Wrapping the substrate with Fiberglass- Reinforced Plastic (FRP) not only prevents the replacement and the high costs of welding, it has the longevity to prevent corrosion in the future. PCPS have highly trained and certified coating and FRP specialists. Our Emergency Pipe-Wrap department stops leaks, without shutting down the system. This saves our clients potentially millions of dollars of down time.

We can stop any liquid leaks, or gas in most cases without shutting down systems. Some Liquids include: 

  • Coke Oven Gas

  • Blast Furnace Gas

  • Ammonia 

  • Acidic Liquids

  • Water

Coatings Application
Coatings Application
FRP Pipe Wrap
Structural Reinforcement
Emergency Leak Repair
Structural Reinforcement
Structural Reinforcement
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