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Technical Services

At PCPS we have certified inspectors, storage tank specialists, and accredited technicians to help in the fight against corrosion. We provide emergency on site services 24/7, in shop manufacturing, repair and installation of all FRP, polyurethane, vinyl ester, carbon fiber and coatings. Our in shop custom manufacturing department builds tanks, flanges, ducting and pipe. We specialize in the repair and installation of fiberglass and carbon fiber systems for both structural and system enhancement. Our concrete division has been a leader in restoration and repair for bridges, form work and flooring. Our corrosion specialists will take time to find the right product and application to complete needed tasks in your work place. From bridges to storage tanks and pipelines our certified and highly experienced technicians have installed, repaired and protected the industrial and commercial work place from the inevitable attack of corrosion for over 20 years.

On Site Services


Premier Corrosion Protection Services has a wide variety of trades available in responding to corrosion protection and prevention. We range from working in Nuclear Power plants, Renewable Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Steel Mills, Water treatment plants, Colour and Chemical production plants and more.

We provide :

  • FRP Installation, Repair and Manufacturing

  • Epoxy and Custom Coatings

  • Concrete Restoration, Repair, and Waterproofing

  • Spray Rubber

  • Sandblasting and Dry Ice Blasting

  • Structural Reinforcement 

 Storage Tank Linings 

PCPS prides itself on Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) installation for above and below ground storage tanks.  Years of chemical and environmental attack can cause structural degradation to storage tanks. We specialize in FRP linings. A badly corroded steel tank can be used as a mold for laying up fiberglass to the interior or exterior. This eliminates the logistics of having to disassemble and replace tanks. Repairs can be done in-situ.

Fiberglass storage tanks holding chemical can crack and deteriorate over time. We fight to protect and prevent corrosion to above and below ground storage tanks, Rail Car tanks, Scrubber Stacks, and freight tank storage units. In over 20 years of business we have done 100's of on-site FRP storage tank linings along with engineering firms to complete the contract with utmost safety, quality and integrity.


PCPS manufacturing department specializes in building, repairing and installing FRP and composite tanks, flanges, pipelines, ducting and anything built with FRP, composite and Carbon Fiber. We develop a widespread commercial use of these High strength, lightweight, high stiffness materials to fit to any engineered based drawings.

Our certified technicians follow code to reassure manufacturing is completed to our high level Quality Management System (QMS) 

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Concrete Restoration, Crack Injection and Waterproofing

For concrete crack injection PCPS has been providing Polyurethane, Vinyl Ester or Epoxy injection systems for micro cracks and large cracks. In damp and wet environments like water treatment plants, bridge pilings, pier supports and pipe cracks and erosion are more than likely. We work to ICRI specifications to ensure proper long lasting repairs. We investigate to determine the most effective coatings.

We determine the most desirable coatings for waterproofing, and floor finishes. We provide an emergency on call service to determine and solve all concrete cracks.

Our rubber department aim for economical corrosion prevention in storage tanks, bridges, ports and piers, roof applications and foundation purposes. We supply our clients with quality materials either applied by spraying, roller or trowel grade applications. From tank linings to roofs and foundation our rubber has provided years of corrosion protection and life time of corrosion prevention.
Coatings, Concrete and FRP inspection
At PCPS we implement an in depth inspection for coatings, concrete, FRP and composites. Our certified NACE Inspectors use state of the art testing equipment and will provide documentation and a preliminary inspection report. 
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